Edmonton Disrobed

Photographs of garments that the people of Edmonton have curiously discarded in public.

A jacket on 110 Street and 100 Avenue. I’d have ditched it, too, not because of this Indian summer we’ve been having but because it is very ugly.
A black ballet flat, size 7, by the side of the road on 98 Avenue and 105 Street. Keen observers will also notice by the presence of leaves that it’s autumn now.
In other news, I just realized that this summer I didn’t come across a single flip-flop. What the hell? Last year they were everywhere. BUT WHY? Endless mysteries happening in the discarded clothing circuit in our fair city.

An entire outfit on the Victoria Promenade at 117 Street. How to have a fun-filled autumn afternoon in three easy steps:

1. Eat chips

2. Ditch clothes

3. Make stealthy naked run for it

Not really clothes, but that’s fine. A Canada Post mailman was like FUCK THIS SHIT and threw his mail bag into a tree outside Sun Life Place. I think he was as outraged as I was that it now costs $2.50 to send a postcard overseas.
RING DOORBELL. RECEIVE CARDIGAN. (98 Street and 101A Avenue)
A pair of purple underwear hanging from a branch. Tree makeouts gone wrong? Early new trend in Christmas tree ornamentation? I don’t even know anymore. (Top of Bellamy Hill)
Fuck running. (99 Avenue and 113 Street)
A lone shoe outside the Hardisty pool, which I’ve discovered is actually in Edmonton, not in Hardisty, a “progressive urban community” (pop. 639) and proposed start of the Keystone XL pipeline, 111 km from the Saskatchewan border. This explains a lot. I wondered how amazing this pool could be that people travel so far for it. I mean, I didn’t even travel to the pool in Edmonton. That’s not my shadow. SPOOKY
These ballet flats have migrated to the hood of a car! MAGIC TRAVELING GOLDEN SHOES

These ballet flats have migrated to the hood of a car! MAGIC TRAVELING GOLDEN SHOES

Yes please.
(99 Avenue and 115 Street)