Edmonton Disrobed

Photographs of garments that the people of Edmonton have curiously discarded in public.

Kiddie jeans on 99 Avenue and 103 Street. Who the fuck just leaves jeans in a tree? Like, what is the thought process? “Oh, little Jimmy JUST outgrew these as we were on a walk. TIME TO NEATLY FOLD THEM AND LAY THEM ON THE NEAREST BRANCHES!”
A detached hood on 103 Street and 100 Avenue. I think its owner was decapitated in a gang war. Edmonton is really corrupt, you know, especially downtown. There are so many turf wars and different gangs and schisms within those gangs that I don’t even know anymore what colours are okay to wear while walking around to be considered a neutral party. Now I just wear my I HEART YEGDT t-shirt around every day so that I’m only sometimes punched in the face.
Also, $170 a month for outdoor downtown parking? THANKS, IMPARK. WHAT A STEAL. You guys are just the best. Sexy sign, too.
A winter coat on 107 Street near the Legislature. SO LONG, WINTER WEAR
A lonely orange glove at Bay Station. Its owner put it down on the orange tiling of this very attractive round bench thingy. It became camouflaged completely until the vibrations of the roaring oncoming high-speed LRT to Clareview shook it onto the yellow tiles, which, incidentally, illuminate the LRT station like a thousand suns. However, tragically, by that time the owner had already boarded the train opposite, embarking on the long yet indescribably scenic journey to Century Park with only one glove.
The same pile of clothes as from yesterday, minus the hanger. I guess somebody found use for it? I really wish I could understand this underground world: why some clothing items immediately disappear, why some are left for weeks, and so on. Is there a black market? WHAT IS HAPPENING?
The streets of Edmonton are just one giant communal closet, hangers and all. Jasper Avenue and 113 Street.

#walkingdeadmonton #whyteave #yeg #collectorsitem #wildparty


#walkingdeadmonton #whyteave #yeg #collectorsitem #wildparty

A pair of majestic furry zebra print slippers, found on Jasper Avenue and 101 Street. I was so excited to see these babies because the night before I saw them on Jasper and 103rd, but I was carrying too much and couldn’t take a photo. Somehow they managed to travel two blocks all on their own by the next morning.
A sure sign of spring in Edmonton: discarded green bikini bottoms! (100 Ave/102 Street near Edmonton House apartments)
A rainbow beret on 104 Street above Bay Station, to where sunshine and warm temperatures have found their way once again, and everyone rejoiced.