Edmonton Disrobed

Photographs of garments that the people of Edmonton have curiously discarded in public.

A lone shoe outside the Hardisty pool, which I’ve discovered is actually in Edmonton, not in Hardisty, a “progressive urban community” (pop. 639) and proposed start of the Keystone XL pipeline, 111 km from the Saskatchewan border. This explains a lot. I wondered how amazing this pool could be that people travel so far for it. I mean, I didn’t even travel to the pool in Edmonton. That’s not my shadow. SPOOKY
These ballet flats have migrated to the hood of a car! MAGIC TRAVELING GOLDEN SHOES

These ballet flats have migrated to the hood of a car! MAGIC TRAVELING GOLDEN SHOES

Yes please.
(99 Avenue and 115 Street)

Has anyone seen my shoes #whyte


Has anyone seen my shoes #whyte

Now the students are vaporizing. THIS IS VERY BAD. THEY ARE OUR FUTURE. Here is a pair of sneakers missing their shoelaces (or is that on trend these days?). UofA students and alumni will no doubt recognize the classic brutalist architecture, which is timeless because it has to be since arts students never get fancy new buildings like those asshole engineers do. (FAB pedway to Law)
I really love how the drunken steps of the owner of this pair of shoes were preserved. It’s like: WALKING THIS WAY! Fuck, I lost a shoe. Oh well. GOING THIS WAY NOW! Fuck, I lost the other shoe. Oh well. (99 Avenue and 113 Street)
A tie on a bench in a bus stop shelter. Just letting loose after a hard day at the office, getting drunk while waiting for the bus, forgetting your tie… Mondays, you know? (99 Avenue/110 Street)
Another Edmontonian has mysteriously vaporized. Something sinister is afoot.
(102 Avenue and 101 Street)
I can’t tell if the fur on this coat is the exterior or the lining. Either way, ew. Edmonton, I think you need to up your game with streetwalker wear, at least on the 4th Street Promenade™. Reputations are at stake.
(104 Street just south of Jasper Ave)

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