Edmonton Disrobed

Photographs of garments that the people of Edmonton have curiously discarded in public.

I can’t tell if the fur on this coat is the exterior or the lining. Either way, ew. Edmonton, I think you need to up your game with streetwalker wear, at least on the 4th Street Promenade™. Reputations are at stake.
(104 Street just south of Jasper Ave)

sup bra
Behold: somebody discarded an ENTIRE SUITCASE with clothes peeking out of it on 103 Street and 99 Avenue. What else is in it? It’s on trend being “vintage” (read: shitty and old), so in all likelihood it also contains a banjo made of organic wood, 46 mustaches, and a Polaroid camera.
Apologies for the lack of updates. I got caught up in rainstorms, festivals, walls falling off hotels creating unbearable chaos, and the general vibrancy of Edmonton’s downtown core.
Walk of shame… or STRUT OF TRIUMPH?
(114 Street and 104 Avenue)
Remnants of Saturday night’s no pants party on the LRT.
(Entrance to Bay Station, Jasper/103)
He must have vaporized.
(104 Street and 78 Avenue)
A pair of boots perched atop a garbage can in Churchill Square. I guess that’s a good place to leave them while you’re bathing in the city hall fountains?
In other news, today marks the first anniversary of Edmonton Disrobed! A whole magical year of discarded clothing. Thank you for reading and for leaving your clothes everywhere for me to document. I like you all very much.
This is Sally. She was such a sweetheart. We talked for hours. (98 Avenue and 101A Street)
This is a light zippered jacket (I think? You don’t want to get too close to things in the Quarters/the ghetto. They might jump out at you and stab you) found on 96 Street and 102 Avenue. I ventured east of 97 Street! I am so proud of myself. This cappuccino-sipping apartment dweller is gaining some serious street cred. The experience of keeping it real was pretty eye-opening and inspiring, so I headed to the Mac afterwards for a glass of pinot grigio on the terrace to celebrate.
Born to be a Canucks fan; murdered for not being an Oilers fan. This poor soul’s hat is all that was left behind. In the immortal words of Cadence Weapon: it’s corrupt where I’m from, Edmonton, tough! / City life will leave you red with blood 

(Jasper Avenue and 101 Street)